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摘要:英语该如何进行有效的复习呢? 今天中公考研小编为大家整理了“MPAcc考研:英语完形填空模拟题(人口老龄化带来的影响)”,希望对考会计硕士的同学有所帮助~


  Aging poses a serious challenge to OECD(Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development)countries,in particular,how to pay for future public pension liabilities. And early retirement places an__1__burden on pension financing. There is no easy solution,but__2__retirement could help.

  Early retirement may seem like a worthy individual goal,but it is a socially__3__one,and makes the present public pension system difficult to sustain for long. The__4__reason is that more people are retiring early and living longer. That means more retirees depending on the__5__of those in work for their income. The__6__is worrying. In the next 50 years,low fertility rates and__7__life expectancy in OECD countries will cause this old-age dependency rate to roughly double__8__size. Public pension payments,which afford 30-80% of total retirement incomes in OECD countries,are__9__to rise,on average,by over three percentage points in GDP and by as much as eight percentage points in some countries.__10__is the pressure on pension funds that there is a danger of today‘s workers not getting the pensions they expected or felt they__11__for.

  Action is needed,__12__simply aiming to reduce the__13__(and cost)of public pensions,or trying to__14__the role of privately funded pensions within the system,though necessary steps,may be__15__to deal with the dependency challenge. After years of__16__early retirement schemes to avoid__17__and higher unemployment,many governments are now looking__18__persuading people to stay in work until they are older. Surely,the thinking goes,if we are healthier now and jobs are physically less__19__and unemployment is down,then perhaps the__20__rate should rise anew.

  1.[A] unsolvable [B] additional [C] unsustainable [D] undue

  2.[A] delaying [B] retaining [C] detaining [D] hindering

  3.[A] ultimate [B] unattainable [C] specific [D] expensive

  4.[A] substantial [B] essential [C] potential [D] controversial

  5.[A] donating [B] sponsoring [C] subsidizing [D] funding

  6.[A] outlook [B] outcome [C] outbreak [D] outset

  7.[A] prolonging [B] expanding [C] soaring [D] rising

  8.[A] in [B] on [C] by [D] for

  9.[A] conceived [B] reckoned [C] expected [D] meant

  10.[A] As [B] Such [C] So [D] It

  11.[A] should pay [B] paying [C] be paid [D] would pay

  12.[A] but [B] for [C] and [D] thus

  13.[A] multitude [B] implementation [C] application [D] generosity

  14.[A] exaggerate [B] augment [C] magnify [D] multiply

  15.[A] insufficient [B] influential [C] inefficient [D] intrinsic

  16.[A] advancing [B] previous [C] ahead [D] preceding

  17.[A] suspensions [B] abundances [C] redundancies [D] discrepancies

  18.[A] for [B] to [C] about [D] at

  19.[A] turbulent [B] strenuous [C] compact [D] intricate

  20.[A] dependency [B] fertility [C] present [D] mortality


  1.C 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.D 6.A 7.D 8.A 9.C 10.B

  11.C 12.A 13.D 14.B 15.A 16.A 17.C 18.D 19.B 20.C





  早退休可能看起来是个值得追求的个人目标,但对于社会来说却是昂贵的,它使当前的公共养老金系统难以持久。基本原因是更多的人退休早而寿命却更长。这意味着更多的退休人员要依赖在职者的资助作为收入。这一前景是令人担忧的。未来50年,经合组织国家的低出生率和预期寿命的增加将使这一老年依赖率提高大约一倍。占经合组织国家全 部退休收入30%-80%的公共退休金的支出,在国内生产总值中的比例预期将平均增加超过三个百分点,而在有些国家甚至会增加八个百分点。养老基金的压力如此之大以至于现在的工人有得不到他们预期或认为应该得到的养老金的危险。


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